Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Swan River

After our highly successful day at Freemantle we set off for the Swan Valley to imbibe in some splendid beverages and fine food.

Firstly, we went to the Margaret River Chocolate Company which we had highly recommended to Kate and Waz having visited this outstanding establishment in Margaret River. It did not disappoint and we were forced to sample many chocolate pieces and enjoy a hot chocolate. The ladies at the shop were even more obliging than the staff at Margaret River and Ian was just about force fed four chocolate apricots.  He had already devoured a whole packet from the Margaret River Store so it was not as if he was tasting a new sensation. However he took a hit for the team and soldiered on!

After that starting experience we felt it was now late enough (11.15am) to begin our research into beers having decided that we still needed to locate the beers owed to Warwick for the dismal football result. Somewhat disappointed to find that a number of breweries were closed on Tuesday, we settled on The Mash Brewery from where we bring you the first photo in the series “Where’s Norah (Wally)” as she shows the delight of Lamb Sliders which were mini lamb burgers essential accompaniments to beer sampling. Very nice beers they were too.

Onwards we went, to the Feral Brewery Company where we were able to avail ourselves of a sampling rack of different beers which we felt went very well with the various dishes Warwick and Kate purchased for our lunch including calamari, duck wantons and pork pate.

Norah snoozed through much of this visit but we did manage to get a photo nonetheless. However on the way home we discovered that the Chocolate Company again needed our patronage and from here we have a further photo!

A quiet night at home with a venison roast purchased at Margaret River and off to bed to plan the next adventure.

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DJs Tagalong Tours said...

G'day Martin's

I am not going to ask how things are going because the answer is obvious. I would, however, like to point out as an unbiased observer that this trip has really degenerated into a rather larger pub crawl albiet punctuated by food and a little sightseeing. Like all the southern and west coast of Austrailia!! Now that is some pub crawl. Say g'day to Kate and family for us. The Patto's