Friday, 27 May 2011

Quiet Day

After our busy days we decided to have a quiet day and left the park late morning for some ‘retail’. Kate and Sue felt the need for some girl time so a manicure was called for as we seem to do on holidays. The men and Norah, as supervising escorts, amused themselves for a while with a short shopping session.

After lunch we returned to the park and then went to the spa and Kate, Norah and Suey had a lovely time. The pool and spa at the park are huge, the spa more the size of an average pool but so warm. We really enjoyed our swim and Norah demonstrated her new found skills from swimming classes and charmed everyone of course!

We enjoyed a lovely dinner back at the cabin joined by Justin and Felice, who are friends of Kate and Warwick’s and their two children Soolia and Rheef.

Thursday we think we’ll use the excellent (by reputation) public transport to go into the big city of Perth ---- maybe even do some shopping!!

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