Sunday, 15 May 2011

Margaret River next day!

We took off to see some more of the sights, sounds and food of the region. We started our day with a visit to Eagles Heritage Wildlife Centre , a refuge and education facility which rescues and returns scores of raptors to the wild and also takes part in a breeding program for some endangered species. We fell in love with these majestic birds on our first trip away especially at Alice Springs. After a very inspiring talk from a ranger there Ian was even persuaded to drag dead roos from the road to hopefully prevent another bird being killed.

However this time we met “Chris the Kite” who is a young kite born and raised in the refuge and now he is one of the stars. We were thrilled that there were only four visitors for the session we were at so we were able to have quite a while with “Chris” on our hand. Nancy who was our tour guide told us of the foibles that some of the birds have. One doesn’t like women wearing skirts, Chris is frightened by sunglasses and a number of other really strange things. When they are let out to take part in the display sometimes they don’t return to their cages during the day and some have been known to stay out overnight or longer. Probably the longest was a week, however they always turn up for the shows!  Could it be the tiny pieces of Ox heart they receive for swooping around for the half hour of the show!

After leaving Eagle Heritage the day went down rapidly, seeing us visit a number of very fine wine and food establishments. We managed to see the Venison Farm- yummy!, Olive oil products, Hay Shed Hill for lunch and a tasting or two. Then just because we could we went to the chocolate factory (really untidy here, may not be allowed to return) followed by the Providore (a bit more dignified there). Lastly to the nut and cereal factory (healthy, so quite safe there). Home after that!

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