Friday, 27 May 2011

Friday - Swan Valley (again!)

Norah began her day with a lesson from Grandpa on how to use the computer mouse, including a quick rundown on the replacement costs involved when they absorb too much love from Norah.

We decided to revisit the Swan Valley area again today as some of the places we were keen to try were closed on Monday.

The weather here today has been the best we’ve had since arriving in Perth and it was lovely sitting outside at the various breweries, distilleries and of course the Margaret River Chocolate Company.

Norah is becoming very well travelled and enjoyed her visit to the Ironbark Brewery where we had lunch although I hasten to add that the cup she is holding was empty.

Only one more day with our visitors and then we’re on our own again. We had planned to leave on Monday morning but on the way home today the car air conditioner started to make extremely unfriendly noises so we have booked it in to be looked at on Monday morning so at least another day here before we head off as we don’t want to risk anything not working as we travel to much warmer areas.

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