Monday, 16 May 2011

Another Day at Margaret River

On the odd occasion we have had a small wager with Warwick on the results of the football match. Previously we offered a small wager when Adelaide played Hawthorn. Ian was sure we were on a winner, but unfortunately Ian found it necessary to buy Warwick a six pack of beers which he really enjoyed. Last weekend as we listened to the footy we had a pretty good chance when Adelaide looked as tho’ they were going down so a return wager was quickly organised. We lost again.

In the interests of providing some local beers from Margaret River we set out yesterday to check out the breweries of which there are a number. Unfortunately small samples are not the norm at them all so a couple of quite large samplings took place before we established they don’t have bottles for sale except for a huge bottle containing approximately two litres and costing $40.00. So, sorry Warwick that just isn’t going to happen! However at one brewery there was a cow attired in aqualung gear, flippers and spear gun. With Sue’s history at such establishments we offer a photo as proof that it was really there. 

We’ve said we are staying on a farm which is great and last night the rams came for a visit as the grass was fractionally longer on our side of the fence. This photo is taken only a metre from the van.

It was another lovely day with only one remaining and the weather has been fantastic, about 22 degrees during the day and 16 overnight.

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