Monday, 16 May 2011

The really last Day at Margaret River

Undeterred by our lack of success at the brewery’s yesterday we set off again determined to find some beers.

However we also wanted to travel up to Cape Naturaliste lighthouse so a very wise decision was made to go to the lighthouse first. Always thinking, that’s us.  Another beautiful fine day saw us walking along the path around the lighthouse and out to the whaling observation points. To say this coastline is beautiful is seriously underrating it but it’s the best we can do beyond oooh and aaah a lot. The path was a firm sandy one and we noticed numerous tracks from the lizard population, however we only saw one large lizard happily catching the warm sun and quite unperturbed by us. Hope Jesse likes this photo!

After the lighthouse it was down to business (beer business, that is!) and we were off in search of really good beer. We went to the Bush Shack Brewery which had a very promising list of beers including delights such as strawberry, lemon and of course ginger beer. Alas, they had had a very good Easter and there were hardly any left so we tried a couple and THEN inquired about take-away. No take away. Geez we have to find another brewery now.  However the next one was no better and Ian partook on his own this time. The last brewery did have small samplings but by this time we were both aware that enough was enough and only had coffee. They didn’t have bottles to take away either or we could have been sorely tempted tho’!

Ah well we live to fight another day or brewery as the case may be!

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DJs Tagalong Tours said...

G'day Sue and Ian. There is consistent theme lately - beer -and I am getting concerned for your wellbeing would you like me to send some over? That is same old same old over here at moment punctuated by lite relief from Ruby. She is growing rapidly and is now walking and talking (in a fashion). We are, as normal, extremely jealous and your graphic tales do nothing to alleviate that. I took Di to Robinvale at Easter and free camping has now become a real alternative for us as I think I have converted her. Anyway happy trails. Love the Pattos