Friday, 27 May 2011


The public transport system here is amazing!  How can it possibly be so hard for Victoria to have an efficient transport system, and a ticketing system that works, we asked ourselves. We started our day by catching a very clean low line, easy to load stroller onto, bus right out the front of the caravan park. For $3.70 each we travelled on the bus to the transfer point where we proceeded through a very clean (again!) no graffiti station and waited momentarily guided by very efficient signage on the platform from where we travelled into the centre of Perth! Fantastic.

We spent a very busy walking day looking and shopping around Perth which is a lovely city with many old buildings and plenty to see. As you can see Norah enjoyed her day and we took this photo of her with one of the many sculptures we saw.

We were able to make a couple of very good purchases --- is the whole retail world on 30% or 50% off? Anyway we were happy and left feeling very satisfied with our day.

Again, we caught the train back to the station and stepped straight on to the bus --- not even a moment waiting this time and everyone leaves the bus thanking the bus driver who actually has a voice and says “you’re welcome” in return! 

Hope someone in Victoria from the transport system has a holiday here and sees this!

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