Sunday, 22 May 2011

Perth (or thereabouts)

Now before anyone casts aspersions about Sue’s ability to navigate or to know where the hell we are we are staying in Perth at Karrinyup Waters Resort for a whole week! It is so unusual for us to put down the legs on the van and settle in I know you will all want to know why.

Here is the reason. We have visitors!  Last year we started our holiday with Pete and Dawn at Forster and later met up with Kate and Warwick at Townsville. This started a bit of a tradition and this year we visited with Pete and Dawn for a week just prior to starting off and now Kate, Warwick and…….. Norah have come to see us in Perth. It is just lovely and we are really enjoying having some time with them as Sue was getting just a little sad at not seeing Norah, and Warwick was not helping by suggesting that Norah might have forgotten who she was!

After leaving Margaret River we set off in reasonable weather to travel to this area to find accommodation for all of us. The weather on the drive was dreadful and Ian even stopped a couple of times as when the wipers don’t make any progress on full it really doesn’t do any good to keep on driving. It is quite unnerving when you see flashes of lightning and thunder very soon afterwards. Ian even commented on how close it was so it was time to stop.

We stayed a couple of nights in an average park in Rockingham to give us time to look around and discover that accommodation is not all that easy to get. However with the assistance of a very friendly receptionist in a park that didn’t have any vacancies we finally found a park quite close to the airport which was convenient for the night Kate, Waz and Norah were arriving. When I say quite close, we now know that the planes fly all night. However we have moved on and our new digs are great, central to all the things we want to do over the next week so we have extended to stay here until our visitors go back to cold Victoria.

We picked up the hire car seat and cot for Norah and it is a great service if you ever need to use it and quite inexpensive. It operates as franchises and Kate says there is one in Shepp too! Things you learn when you become grandparents.

Today we went to a couple of markets, one was a farmers market and we are finding these to be great, so much fresh produce and loads of variety and delicious stuff to eat. All good for us of course! Norah is quite happy to munch on different foods now and our photo shows what she thinks of venison sausage.  Yummy!  She even saves a bit for later down the front! The only trouble was when Grandpa lifted her up her bounty feel to the floor from where she would have retrieved it had we let her.  It is certainly going to be a fun week.

Tomorrow we are off to the Swan Valley to visit some breweries (still owe Waz six stubbies) and other foodie and wine places. Oh dear, I do hope this doesn’t end untidily!

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