Monday, 23 May 2011

Little Creatures!

No we’re not talking about bugs or other nasties but a wonderful day spent at the Little Creatures Brewery!

We decided this morning on the recommendation of Warwick’s best man to try this place so off to Freemantle we went. Well as soon as we arrived we decided this was “the place for a village”. We settled on a table near the water and in the interest of researching the very best of ales available at this fine establishment began a small tasting experience together with some very tasty nachos and pizzas. As you can see we really enjoyed our day and Norah, although she didn’t try any of the beers, certainly did enjoy the pizza crust we offered her instead and seemed quite content to snooze afterwards whilst we went for a lovely walk .

We also drove along the coastline and admired the magnificent coastline and marvelled at the housing being constructed whilst dreaming of a jackpot in Lotto to fund our dreams.

On the way home we indulged in a little retail therapy having spied a Myer centre which needed our patronage.

A beautiful day which ticked all the boxes for us, now to plan for tomorrow!

By the way if you are familiar with the “Where’s Wally?, get ready because this week we’re playing “Where’s Norah?” !!

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