Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Shannon National Park Day 1

We left Albany on Saturday morning and drove towards the Karri Treetop Walk which was spectacular. The Karri trees are immense and ancient. Some of the trees are 400 years old and have a girth of 20 plus metres. They are something to see both up close and from a distance via the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk. We were fortunate to arrive just as a tour was commencing so we were able to hear about the history of the forest and the trees within. It was really hard to take a photo to capture how huge these trees are but Ian has given it a red hot shot so we hope you can somewhat appreciate how big they are.

After a lovely lunch in Walpole we drove on to Shannon National Park which was recommended by the tour guide at the tree top walk and settled into a very nice camp with great facilities. No power of course but hot water and toilets, what luxury and for no extra charge as Michael Caton said of his beloved Bonnie Doon …….. ‘serenity!’

Two nights here with some lovely exploring to do. 

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