Saturday, 30 June 2007


As promised news from Bargara. We arrived here after a really easy cruise from Hervey Bay, passing through Childers on the way. The caravan park is just great and by far the friendliest we have come across but perhaps part of that is due to the improvement in the weather. On the first day we settled in and went for a long walk. There is a lovely walk along the shore here and you are encouraged by the markers along the way to attain 10,000 steps which we have done each day. There are lots of interesting historical things to see as you walk and the ocean is of course ever changing.
We have visited the Bundaberg brewed drink factory where we sampled all the lovely drinks (non alcoholic!) and made some purchases.
We hit the hard stuff at the Bundaberg Rum Distillery (purely for education purposes of course!) and made some purchases for those members of our family who enjoy the products.
On our last day here we went to watch the coopers in action and marvelled at the expertise it takes to make these barrels.
As we promised ourselves we spent each afternoon enjoying the sun and we are really feeling as though this is the start of our holiday.
Tomorrow …. Well we’re not too sure where we’ll end up perhaps somewhere near Gladstone. It’s a tough life and we’re not big on decisions!

Thanks to everyone who has posted -----

Kate, we didn't feel it necessary to announce our return to home sweet home ---- unlike you we were able to recognise we were already there!

Dave --- good luck for the new position --- I'm sure you will consult on a wide range of issues!

David and Annie --- glad to hear you shared our pain --- we'll be recovered enough to do it again on the way back!

and last but not least APC --- isn't it amazing how the Martin's leave home just when there is some serious CFA stuff to do, we're masters at it now!


Stocky said...

Please no more sunset photos APC and I want some fair dinkum action photos from the topless beach.
ps. be carefull not to take them when sue is around.
pps. APC had it wrong it was Maree who fell in the pond.

bloss said...

new advice:
try not to lose your mobile phone. its most inconvenient, and replaceing it is a hard job to do with hangover.

my suggestion - no matter how hard the room is spinning, check under the bed first!

ps have more mail to discuss, call me!