Thursday, 28 June 2007

Hervey Bay

Hi everyone,
It’s been quite a long time in between blogs but the weather has been so bad we haven’t been able to do very much. However we had a great stay in Hervey Bay although not on the beach, we still went on to see and do some things we would not do at home and some we would --- I found two huge patchwork shops and walked out empty handed – I really need to find something for Ian to do ! We enjoyed one walk along the coast and sat on the boardwalk for an afternoon and admired the good work of the City.
We had a great dinner with Annie and David King and their boys. David used to work with Ian ‘back in the good old days’ at the Shire and City so it was a great night of reminiscing for them and Annie and I gossiped too. The two boys were very tolerant of us, great company and our evening was most enjoyable. There was plenty of wine consumed especially when David told us of the great service available at Hervey Bay. All you do is ring and a car arrives with two drivers – one drives your vehicle home and then collects the driver. All for $20.00! What a bargain!! A couple of Panadol and plenty of water and Ian and I woke up just fine to the sound of ……. more rain.
We admitted defeat and went to the movies and saw Oceans 13. It was great and we need to hire the other Oceans to see them too.
We’ve moved on to Bargara which is about ten minutes out of Bundaberg to the best caravan park yet and the best weather so we’ll talk about all of that in the next blog.


Dave and DI said...

Hi Guys
Shame about the weather but nothing could really dampen the holiday mode. The pelican shot reminded me of a bunch of seagulls -"mine, mine, mine" sorry too many kids videos. Better bloody fine up there we will be there in 4 weeks (Noosa). Any whales in Hervey bay yet??. Start my new job on Monday - consultant no less. Cosulting on what only time will tell. Enjoy D&D

Anonymous said...

Ian, sorry we missed your call but enjoyed reading your blogs.

Thanks for the headache, we too needed panadol. It was great to catch up and see you again.

Looking forward to seeing you on the return trip.

Safe travels.

David and Annie

PS Check out Agnes Waters and 1770.

bloss said...

morning champs!
pleased to see that I have taught you some talents, I wanna know if you threw open the door ... "Hello caravan, we're HOOOOME!"


will put mail in today.
love lots

Anonymous said...

hello martins. i thought you were blaming me for the amount of red wine you consumed but not guilty this time your honour. i think Ian must be the culprit. cfa news R22 has had a request for vols to help in gippsland at the floods. Maybe get some early sand bag training for when we get floods in shepp!
have a good one!apc & marre