Saturday, 16 June 2007


The weather had been too cold to stay at the van so we took off for a drive and another first, picked up a young hitchhiker just outside Stuarts Point. After discussing the Rugby (always a good opening line in NSW especially when Qld. won!), he suggested that we should take the scenic road to Yarrahapinni Mountain Lookout. At the mention of the steep incline to achieve this and the unmade road with some water to travel through Ian’s eyes glazed over with joy and off we went! He has been dying to do some off road stuff. That’s why we didn’t get an off road van!
It was however a wonderful drive and we discovered that the view was just as our young traveller had described and we also found the wonderful ceramic monument created by members of the two aboriginal clans who have ties to the area. All the parks we have been to have been very well maintained by the Parks and Wildlife Department and very informative.


Stocky said...

Ian & Sue
So glad to hear everything is going well, very lucky with the tree though, I could imagine what Sue would have said if you guys just happened to be sleeping in the van that night. Hope Ian didn't get too gung ho for you Sue when he starting doing his 4wd bit.
Looking forward to the next installments.
Love Stocky & Chris

Bloss said...

you rebels! picking up hitch-hikers - what next? i shudder to ask!

di and dave said...

Hey Sue and Ian
Keep the stories coming we can only sit here, freezer our arse off and wish we were there. It was good to hear you got through the storm ok. Good on you Ian no point in having 4 wheel drive if you can't use it. Bit of mud never hurt any one, any way it washes off. Bit worried about the hitch hiker if that was one of the kids I wonder what the conversation would have been.
Love D&D

Dawn and Pete said...

Wow!!!! Rebels indeed!!! How about a bit of an update with some actual town names that anyone can recognise!!! hehe!! So did you get to drive through the water dad? Nothing compared to the water here i bet! It has been pouring down again tonight and that brings the total to about 450mm in 10 days here! Dawn says hi! How you are having a great time!!! Where to next?