Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Touring South West Rocks

Wednesday 13th
Having arrived here on Saturday we finally did something touristy today. Until now we’ve walked everywhere except one visit to the supermarket for supplies. We’ve sat in the sun and read and sewed which has been very relaxing and our tans are coming along nicely thank you. You can see from the photo the view we have from our caravan, that’s why we’re quite content here!
We went to the Smokey Cape Lighthouse and the Trial Bay Goal. We’d been to the Ggaol before but not the lighthouse and it was beautiful and so well maintained. They were painting the Lighthouse today so we couldn’t go all the way to the top but none the less it was a great view and the photos are only some of what we have taken.
It’s warm here but not warm enough so when we leave on Saturday we’re planning to stay a night at Ballina and then on to Gympie.

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Bloss and Waz said...

so glad that you guys are safe and sound now, enjoy the next bit, we're lookng forward to the next installment.

Margot and D say hi too, they are very glad to see that you are safe and sound. they're linked up now too, so you're keeping everyone in the loop!

Love you guys lots.