Friday, 22 June 2007

Cruisin' around .......

Well we’ve given up waiting for good weather so we’re making our own fun. Today we went on a canal cruise and saw where all the rich and famous live including Grant and Lisa Kenny and also saw the vessel Steve Irwin was travelling on when he had his unfortunate meeting with a stingray. It was moored outside the house purchased to provide mooring for the vessels used for research and filming by Steve Irwin and now being carried on by the rest of his team. Tomorrow is the launch of the new whale spotting vessel which was also moored at the same spot today. It is very impressive, as is the home which is used as a guest house, as Steve and his family preferred to stay at their own home. As part of the cruise today some very eager pelicans arrived on cue for their first of three feeds for the day and left immediately our host turned the bucket containing the fish upside down indicating the feeding was over for the time being.
Tomorrow is our last day and …….. we will swim!!!!!!!!!
PS Please stop praying for rain here!

PPS Thanks for the comments ..... no we're not awake at 3.30am ---- must work that out --- thanks Dave trust an IT man to be so picky!!!


Pete and Dawn said...

Mummy and Daddy,

Thopught that it was rude to keep checking back for new posts without leaving a comment! Consider it done!!!!

Pete and Dawn

Anonymous said...

hello martins
had a good party at gordon drive the other night Stocky fell into the pond and we had to get Shep S&R to get him out. other than that we holding the fire fort well (as usual) in your abscence. Glad you are having a great time .Gippsland has some big floods but no rain in our patch yet Maree and andrew