Friday, 1 June 2007

The Last Day for Ian

Look what happens on your last day! Ian arrived at work this morning expecting nothing very exciting, and the fairies (Belinda, Jesse and Tom) had visited. Ian's office was bedecked with pink ribbons, balloons and butterflies which complimented the throne which took the place of his usually staid office chair.

We should explain the throne for those who are unaware! Some COGS staff have undertaken to raise a large sum of money prior to the Relay for Life event this year and as part of that process have initiated a beautifully decorated throne (aka a toilet complete with seat, but not connected!) which the staff could buy for a day and have 'installed' in some lucky persons office. The lucky recipient was instructed to sit upon the throne for the day much to the amusement of all who pass by. Lucky its a fundraiser!

Ian sat upon his throne for most of the day and together with his decorated office provided much hilarity for all the staff who seemed to need to say good-bye!

Thanks Belinda and all for making this day so special, see you soon, or not!

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