Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Kinka Beach and Crocodiles

We’ve settled into a really nice caravan park at Kinka Beach being really fortunate to find a spot at all along this part of the coast as school holidays are making vacancies difficult to find. Our theory and desire not to plan are being tested and we have even booked our next stop in Emerald partly because we need to have the car serviced. We will then go on to Longreach after doing some prospecting for sapphires at Emerald and Rubyvale.
However on to what we have been doing here first. We arrived on Monday and had a temporary site until yesterday so we spent some time settling in to our new site. In the afternoon we went for our 10,000 steps along the beach even with our bathers on hoping for a swim only to discover that with the tide out we would spend our 10,000 steps just trying to reach the water and then only knee deep! We abandoned that effort and walked along the beach watching the hundreds of crabs scuttling along the sands.
Today we went to the Crocodile Farm and as you can see we both held a baby croc long enough to be photographed. The tour was terrific and we learnt heaps. The crocs we saw today came with names to describe their character such as Wally (Wally Lewis). We were amazed at how soft the
belly of the croc was compared to the hard almost armour like feel of the back and head.
Tomorrow we’re off to discover Rockhampton.

Sorry no topless photos - I'm in charge of the blog! - Sue

For those who are following the comments - Kate found her phone!


Pete and Dawn said...

Right, so lets be clear here! Holding a croc really loses its WOW factor when teh tape holding the crocs mouth shut can be clearly seen in the picture!!! HEHE!! Show me a pic with your head inside the crocs jaws and i will be impressed!!!! By the way dad, at first glance it was hard to define where the croc finished and you started (use some moisturiser). I knew you rebels would have to give in sooner or later and book ahead!!! Oh well! you lasted longer then i expected! Hope you haven't knocked all of that Bundaberg liquor off yet! Where to next???

Anonymous said...

Hello you great white crocodile hunters! Enjoy the sunshine
Cheers Paula & Gregas it has been a very balmy 8deg and rainining. Good to here that you are keeping the economy going in sunny queensland thankyou for sparing us from any topless photos Sue.

Diane & David said...

Hello You Pair looks like you are finally getting some of that warmer weather we are freezing our you know whats off down here been about 1 degrees overnight and 11-12 during the day. Glad you are in charge of the blog don't really want to see your friends in a naked state!!! Photo is great just another couple of old crocs!!!