Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Hi everyone from Maroochydore,
We’re in a well located park here and plan to explore all the old haunts we used to go to when the kids were small(er) and some new ones as well. Tomorrow we’re going to the market at Eumundi because I love to shop and it hasn’t happened yet!
We’re also going to have a swim in the ocean really soon even if it’s cold ‘cos we’ve come all this way for the beach and we will defy the weather which still is not terrific, but better than home - and do it. We may well walk on water to do this but it’s happened before so we can do it too.
We’ve taken (well Ian has) some sunset pics one from South West Rocks which we are putting on today - no sunrises (we’re not usually conscious that early!).
Thanks for all your comments – its great to hear from you.


Pete and Dawn said...

Nice to hear that you are enjoying yourselves and making quite quick progress up the coast! Very jealous of you being in Maroochydore! Lots of memories of the good old days! Hope to see more pics soon!!! Love you guys!

Pete and Dawn!

sare said...

You seem to be rainmakers! how about heading south and breaking the drought. Are you interested in visiting Anne in Buderim, let me know and i will fwd the address on; she would make you most welcome. Glad to hear that all is going well, take care!
Jan and girls

bloss said...

it must be nice for some you lazy beggars! get up early!!
by the way - 8 loads last night, where is ah sue when you need her!?

bloss said...

i'm at your house, showing em and lan how to comment. also have all your bills, aren't i a good daughter.
lots of pressies for me please.

Di and Dave said...

Hi Travellers Sunset looks great have you been taking pictures of post cards I didn't think the weather was that good. If you have time and want catch up with Kel and Brad let us know we will forward their phone number (if you don't already have it also brad might be able to organise a fishing trip for Ian.Is it me or are half you lot up at stupid oclock in the morning times like 3.11 am the morning youhave got to be kidding - must be my age. Hey start new job in week. Love D&D