Saturday, 9 June 2007

From Gosford to South West Rocks

Saturday 9th – we’ve made it to South West Rocks safe and sound. Sounds dramatic? Not if you watched the news over the last few days.
We had a lovely visit with Pete and Dawn and enjoyed a visit to the Hunter Valley purchasing some very important liquid refreshments for our journey, cooking dinner for them in the van and in turn enjoying a dinner at their apartment of home made pasta after Pete’s basketball match. The pasta was great the basketball not so successful.
However, then the story becomes interesting(!) as mother nature took her turn in arranging our itinerary with buckets and buckets of rain. We are truly drought breakers. The weather turned so nasty with gale force wind warnings and torrential rain forecast that we decided it would be unwise to leave Gosford as planned on Friday. We spent Friday reading and cruising along the coast watching the spectacular show of waves breaking on the shoreline. I might add that the power went off at 6am so it was getting pretty cold in the van! Pete and Dawn were at work and had no power at home either, however when their power came on and Dawn invited us to visit we didn’t hesitate, and in fact stayed the night enjoying the warmth and comfort.
Meanwhile back at the van ….. 1.30am saw an uninvited guest at the van next door – a tree popped in! When we returned this morning we were stunned to see how lucky we were to still have our van unscratched. Fortunately the van which was demolished was unoccupied. We left Avoca Beach!
So here we are at South West Rocks watching the sun set and looking forward to a week of bliss --- we’re thinking of you all …..not!


Pete and Dawn said...

Nice pics!!!! Bet you were glad you stayed at my place mummy??? Are you sure there are absolutely no scratches dad??? Fine tooth comb examination required??? Are yo enjoying South West Rocks??? Send me a pic of your prime position in the caravan park! We are still flowing along in the river of rain and debris!!! Great fun!!! The water had better go down soon! Its getting a little on the tedious side!! I heard that the Victorian SES are coming to the central coast, GOD HELP US!! There is apparently a pumper task force coming from inland to help with the clean up in Wyong and Tuggerah areas! Fun fun fun! Don't enjoy yourselves too much! We miss you guys! Looking forward to the next point in your journey that we can catch up with you! Love you lots! Pete and Dawn

Anonymous said...

Hi Glad to hear that you and the van have survived the weather. We were enjoying our trip to Melbourne when we heard the news and David said we must get on and see if Suee and Ian are OK. Loved the photos of Ian on his throne the pink really suited him.. We could do with some rain down here if you have any to spare. Better go now talk later D&D xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Monday's stitching going well -high and dry and warm! will send new projects on to you as we know that you need something to do in the rain!!
Love the girls