Tuesday, 5 June 2007

On the road!

We set out from home at 11am on Saturday morning – uncommonly late for me I’m sure you are all saying but we have plenty of time! We made it as far as Holbrook where we spent one night moving on Sunday to Cowra. We visited the Visitors Centre and watched a really good hologram presentation there on the Cowra Break Out and also went to a winery called The Mill which is a fascinating building only recently restored after sitting unused and wrecked for 90 years. Some of the restoration utilised materials from Echuca and there was a Furphy Tank End just to make us feel at home.
You will never guess what else we heard about at the Visitor Information Centre – a great patchwork shop which we visited this morning and was not disappointed. The Business is up for sale – what an opportunity!
We then went on to Bathurst where we visited The Patch - Annie Downs was there and I saw her quilts including the Gardener and the Family Quilt I am intending to do as we travel – her shop is terrific and was well worth the visit too. I might have bought some fabrics for Kate’s new quilt there.
We decided to go on to Gosford one night earlier than planned and arrived at the caravan park at 6.30pm and will be here for four nights now instead of three.
We have travelled through some lovely country and enjoyed seeing green grass and water on the side of the road. We’ve also travelled through quite a lot of rain which we know is appreciated all along the way. The best thing about travelling with the van is that Ian is driving slowly and I can see things along the way without getting a sore neck from trying to look behind me as points of interest wiz by! I even had time to enjoy the spectacle of a wind farm – the turbines are huge!

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Pete and Dawn said...

You guys sound like you are having such a blast!! It is so nice to have you visiting us at the moment! We really appreciate it! Hope we have more fun in the next two days!