Friday, 1 July 2011

Ellendale Rest Area

After we left Broome we drove along the Great Northern Highway to our stop at Ellendale Rest Area which is 125km SE of the Derby Turnoff and only 88kms from Fitzroy Crossing. All along the way we saw the magnificent Boab trees. At first we wanted to stop and take a photo each time, but quickly realised there were going to be plenty of opportunities. We arrived fairly early for a late lunch and to watch the Rest Area rapidly fill.

There are not a lot of Rest Areas in this part of the world and we are learning to get in early or suffer the consequences – usually parking very close to the road and eating everyone’s dust. Anyway arriving early enables us to get set for an evening campfire having collected wood along the way.  We were joined around our fire by a number of campers and enjoyed a very pleasant evening sharing tales, mostly true, although we did have a glass (or two!) and finished the evening with Bailey’s!

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