Thursday, 30 June 2011


We were booked into Cable Beach Caravan Park for four nights which we thought was pretty good considering we had been told unless we booked before we left home we wouldn’t have a hope of getting in. However most of the people here seem to be long term guests, the average being about 6 weeks so there are a few spaces for us travellers and we as usual are lucky. It has been a great park with plenty of shade as the temperatures have been around 30 degrees by lunch time and only dropping down to about 19 overnight. Tough but we’re managing, thanks for all your enquiries.

It had been a plan, much anticipated by Suey to purchase some pearls to celebrate 35 years of wedded bliss, however our celebration was somewhat tempered by the price tag of Broome pearls. $96,500.00 was the string of pearls I fancied and they weren’t the most expensive so we passed them by. The pearls are to die for but what would happen if they came adrift when I was wearing them. The anxiety didn’t bear thinking about.

We have been swimming everyday and it has been fantastic, lovely and warm and the beaches clean and the water beautiful shades of blue and turquoise and quite clear although not as good as Exmouth. The beach has very compacted sand and we drove our car along the beach just ‘cos we could which Ian really enjoyed.

 We realised when Patto alerted us that food and drinking have been missing lately so today especially for you David and Diane we forced ourselves to go to Matso’s brewery and sampled their fine wares including a very fine mango beer and a ginger beer that was very refreshing accompanied by a platter of meats, cheese, bread and pickles.  It was a tough job but we did it!

This evening, being our last we went back down to the beach for the sunset and to watch the camels making their way along the beach. If you look very carefully at the camels with their passengers you will see …… not us on their backs, but they looked great and it was a lovely way to finish our visit to Broome.

Now we take a turn inland which will be different and we’re looking forward to continuing on.

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