Wednesday, 20 July 2011


We arrived at Camooweal on Tuesday and set ourselves up unintentionally at about the same spot we found last year. Camooweal is just over the border in Queensland and was a find for us last year so we made sure we had time to revisit this year and hoped that it wouldn’t disappoint.  

After lunch we went in to town which comprises the pub, two caravan parks a couple of petrol suppliers, and the Camooweal Post and General Store where we hoped to still find Sue and Graeme in charge. Last year they were so helpful with our voting and also served great coffee.  They are still serving great coffee and as a bonus, even remembered us!  We settled back into a routine of morning coffee and a chat, however this year they have a couple of rescued joeys and of course I wanted to cuddle one so “Kate” the Joey duly sat with me and dozed off after licking me and chewing my necklace and sucking her toe!

We returned to our camp and settled back into watching the birds, more of which we will do for the next few days.


DJs Tagalong Tours said...

G'day Martins
I reckon the Prado would benefit from a snorkel and go through deeper water and the there are many benefits you know......(wink wink)The blogs been awesome and thanks for sharing you adventure - and doing a lot of the ground work for us. The joey seems quite content Sue a bit of skills maintenance for when you see the Gand kids again. Shirl goes in for a new hip tomorrow and will be laid up for 6 weeks - we head of for Wilpena in 5. Damn the siblings might have to come ane look after her for a while. Not even going to comment on the weather down here. Stay safe love the Pattos

bloss said...

I'll let you explain to Norah that you have let a roo chew on her necklace suey!