Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Edith Falls

After we left Katherine we drove approx. 60 kms to Edith Falls which we had been told was lovely. The Falls are located within Nitmuluk National Park. We were directed to our site and with some (?) difficulty manoeuvred ourselves into this relatively small site.

Then we were off to discover the Falls which were absolutely beautiful as you can see. We had been told there were two walks, one 2.6km and the other an easy one kilometre and that was the one to take to get to the top Falls. We decided that as it was relatively late in the morning we would take the short option for our first effort and walk the longer one in the early morning the next day. So off we went thinking we were on the short loop only to discover that it was the long uphill route and it was a very warm afternoon. Fancy Ian who is the navigator making an error of judgement. Will wonders never cease. As you can see there was even a pedestrian creek crossing and I think Ian was rather hoping I would fall in so he was ready with the camera. Sorry to disappoint and also disappoint the other people who were watching!

However we did make it all the way round and were rewarded with the most beautiful view of the Top Falls, once we had regained our breath and had a long drink from our water bottle which fortunately we had brought with us. Unfortunately we hadn’t brought our lunches or bathers so it was back to the camp for lunch after which we had a long swim in the lower Falls.

We had booked for two days and on our return to the van after our long walk our friends Aaron and Shannon, Katelyn and Sam had taken up the site opposite us so we were able to tell them about our walk and after they had stopped laughing they decided to take the short walk! In the evening a car drove through the camp and an Indigenous lady stopped to chat to us about the area which is where she lives and to ask had we seen the frilled neck lizard represented in the walls of the lower falls. To be honest we had to admit we hadn’t but made sure we did the next day and we did see it then. She had her three young boys in the car who were far more interested in showing us all the things they had bought at the Katherine Show!

Our second day at Edith Falls was considerably more relaxed and we enjoyed three swims in the Falls. On the way down to the Falls I heard some rustling in the long grass along the path and glanced over to see a LONG brown snake disappearing into the bush. Hmmm! However I was very good and just casually (?) mentioned to Ian that I had seen a snake, which he didn’t but on seeing my face decided not to argue the point. There is so much growth and greenery everywhere we have been because of the long intense wet it seems everything is in abundance including the wildlife!

We can’t believe we have driven past the Falls on two occasions and not checked them out. It just shows what you learn sitting around a fire chatting with other campers as we did on this occasion. We are off to a roadside camp for a night a then into Camooweal where we had such a great time last year. Here’s hoping nothing has changed.

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