Friday, 1 July 2011

Fitzroy Crossing

We left Ellendale early having slept very well, no thanks to the alcohol imbibed the previous evening I’m sure and arrived in Fitzroy Crossing in time to have breakfast in the van at the Visitor Information Centre. We had thought of going to the Camp Draft and Rodeo but decided instead to take a Boat Cruise on the Geikie Gorge as the main activities begin with the Rodeo on Saturday and Sunday and we will be in Halls Creek then.

Good decision. It was breathtaking and we really enjoyed seeing well over 50 freshwater crocodiles lounging along the bank some “in committee meetings” of groups of four or five. There were many points along the way where we could see the high water marks as a result of the floods, and it must be really spectacular during the wet season. The average rainfall for Fitzroy Crossing is 537mm mostly falling between December and March.

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