Sunday, 3 July 2011

Mary Pool

After leaving Fitzroy Crossing we travelled on to our overnight stop only a relatively short distance away at Mary Pool on the Mary River. This campsite is well known and we were advised to arrive by lunch time so of course we were there by ten am!

Lucky, as there were already at least fifty other vans dotted along the site which was a little bit puzzling as this is a 24 hour only stop. Some people, if they had arrived on the same day as us must have been there at dawn so you can draw your own conclusion from that! We did manage to find a nice site and Ian decided to do one of his camp fire stews as he had been eager to use the new piece added to his armoury, namely the pot holder which worked superbly and delivered a great dinner which was the envy of many passing campers.

The scenery from our spot was lovely and we had a very enjoyable evening, by the end of the night there were at least one hundred campers. When we left at 9am there were signs that many campers had decided it was too good to leave (again!)

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