Sunday, 3 July 2011

Halls Creek

After Mary Pool our next stop was Halls Creek from where we go on to The Bungle Bungles. At first we thought we were just going to have a quiet afternoon in the van until we went to the Visitor Information Centre where it was suggested that we take a ‘drive’ around some of the local sights! It certainly was a ‘drive’ taking us over some fairly corrugated and pot-holed roads but revealing some beautiful country.

Our first stop was through a unique gate with a great innovative gate closer, we’re going to start something with these, they are fantastic and we have seen some very clever ideas. Beyond the gate revealed the China Wall which is a natural wall formed from a quartz vein and was spectacular.

On we travelled, the road not improving, but Ian enjoying more and more, especially the bits that said 40kmp when we could only manage 20!  We stopped at the Old Halls Creek township which sadly now is in disrepair despite a shelter being put up around the original Post Office which was made from mud and Spinifex. Can’t imagine the Postmaster had a comfortable working environment back then. We stopped and enjoyed Caroline Pool, Palm Springs and Sawpit Gorge before returning along the same route with Ian enjoying the creek crossings and holes in the road even more the second time. Some things never change. We drove past these cars which obviously need just a little work – anyone up for the challenge, you never know how good a Holden can look with a bit of work!

God help me in The Bungle Bungles which we have been told has 40 river crossings and take two and a half hours each way.

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