Sunday, 24 July 2011

Last Day at Camooweal

Even with the most creative diary management we need to move on to get home in time for baby Martin’s arrival which we wouldn’t miss even for Camooweal so today is our last day. We have enjoyed the birds here so much and today Ian was able to take some great photos of the brolgas which are by far the biggest birds here. They have the most incredible trumpeting call and their wing display as they trumpet is quite amazing. Today they were out in force and we enjoyed watching them and listening as we sat in front of the van despite the ever present gale force winds. I know you all feel very sad for us, but it’s OK it’s still 20 degrees despite the wind chill factor!

“Our eagles” as we now call them have had a rocky time in the ‘penthouse’ as we refer to their nest high in the tree directly opposite us. Mervyn and Shirley and the kids appear to be hanging on for grim death some times and Mervyn even went to the extent of interrupting his frequent fishing assignations to bring back some twigs for reinforcement of the nest. Guess that’s the price you pay for high rise living.  The kite family on the other hand seem fairly well protected in a lower down location and just spend the day soaring above us and taking what they please from the lagoon.

Yesterday we had quite a performance from two cormorants who spent at least 15 minutes scrapping in the middle of the lagoon. Every time one popped his head up like a periscope the other one would spring into action and dive bomb right on top of him. At first we thought it was some sort of mating ritual but as time went on it became apparent that these two were definitely not in love! It kept us entertained trying to see where ‘up periscope’ was going to be next as they travelled some distance underwater trying to avoid each other. Eventually they seemed to tire of the game and just wandered off downstream, probably ‘besties’ ten minutes later with no memory of the major incident they had played out in front of two very amused visitors.

We went for a long walk today looking at other spots we might have next year if our private piece of paradise is already taken when we arrive and have come to the conclusion as indeed have the other 50 odd vanners here on most nights, that there isn’t a bad spot here anywhere it’s just a matter of finding somewhere you fancy and settling in.

To the front seats of the car tomorrow morning, and many a mile to cover, as we look back on what has undoubtedly been one of the highlights of our trip.

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