Monday, 26 August 2013

Washington to New York

We left our lovely little hotel in Washington and decided to catch a bus to the station to begin our training adventure. We decided when we were planning this trip to try to take trains instead of flying as looking out at clouds doesn't really achieve very much except transport us from one place to the next and it also involves a lot of sitting around, waiting, waiting.
For a dollar each we hopped on the bus for the station and had breakfast after being issued with our tickets which we have pre booked before we left home. The train trip was great and we saw a lot of interesting sights along the way to New York. Then we decided to take a cab to the hotel which is right in the middle of Times Square. Taxis are a unique way to travel, I'm sure everyone agrees and New York taxi drivers are very special. It was a speedy and somewhat eventful trip. I did remark to the receptionist when we arrived at the hotel that I had started the trip with dark hair, although my passport shows me for the fibber I am! It was swift anyway and surprisingly cheap, although when you factor in  the therapy we may need on our return, maybe not! If you don't have a horn in your car you wouldn't be able to drive around here!
Anyway we arrived and unpacked and went straight out to Times Square which was full on with the evening excitement in the city that never sleeps. Our hotel room doesn't get dark unless we draw all the drapes as the illuminated signs light up as if it is daylight. Also fairly constant are the sirens as the emergency vehicles try to negotiate the traffic for the many calls they have. It really is a mad town but after just a day you get used to it and it becomes fun.
We had decided to try and see a show whilst we were here and as the last minute ticket office is directly opposite our hotel we went to have a look and decided to jump in and see Phantom of the Opera which we had seen before and is one Ian really enjoys so that was our first night in New York. Off and running, there is so much to see and we are learning we can't sit around, 'cos times a wastin'.

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