Thursday, 29 August 2013


We arrived in Boston after a lovely train trip from New York and found a taxi to take us to the hotel which is right opposite the hospital, but very quiet. One thing we are very impressed with is that we can open a window and have fresh air! So far the tour organiser is doing just fine and thinks he is pretty marvellous - I do too.
When we arrived there were two parcels awaiting us. Bet the Girgarre quilters are going to be happy when we come home! We're rearranging our luggage as one of them weighs 22lbs and would cost a fortune to post so we may post home some of our luggage so we can fit it in our cases.We went to the post office and checked on the web and it seems the best solution. 
On our way back from the Post Office we stumbled upon a fabric shop which is officially heaven. Fabrics for $4.00 a yard, all just what I love and I was able to buy 1/4 yard cuts.
The couple who own the shop were so lovely and Ian chatted to the man for ages as he cut my fabrics, quite a few and I may have to go back. 
Whilst we were there we were told of a quilt museum which is featuring a "cheddar quilt" exhibition. We went back to our room, me very happy with my little bag of fabrics, contemplating more and how to get back there, with my sense of direction, Ian knows I won't go by myself!
Lovely dinner at the hotel, we've learnt to order to share as much as possible for lunch and only have one course for dinner. As before the meals are huge and it is amusing to see how many people "bag" their leftovers. Not sure how well they travel or if the dogs just live well. By the way there were plenty of dogs and big ones in both Washington and New York, even with apartment living, big dogs are very popular.
Busy day planned for our first full day.

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