Tuesday, 27 August 2013

New York

In the city that never sleeps, we don't much either. In an effort to make the best of our time here, day three saw us up and out early. First stop was our bus to the Statue of Liberty via Battery park which was spectacular and Flat Norah was in awe of the size of the Lady Liberty.
Back on the bus and on to the Rockafeller Centre and the FDNY and Gap shops for some retail therapy. Our bus tickets have been invaluable in enabling us to see parts of New York we couldn't possibly reach other than in taxis as there is a limit as to how far we can walk, and as many will know my geography is so lousy. I have at least mostly mastered which way to turn as I come out of our room to go to the lift, no really it's true!
We went out after dinner which we bought at the local grocery store for the night tour of Manhattan and Brooklyn and surrounds and we had a fabulous look at the sights from a totally different perspective. 
Back to the hotel and Times Square is even more fantastic late at night. We could have had photos taken with any number of performers. I was a bit surprised Ian didn't want to line up with the ladies clad only in expertly applied body paint, but he withstood the temptation! It would have made Flat Norah blush!

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