Thursday, 29 August 2013


Our first full day in Boston is going to be a two part blog because it really is a big day! We left the hotel after breakfast and braved the subway. Once we worked out, with help from poor hapless commuters who really wanted to get to work and leave us to our own devices, how to purchase tickets from the auto machines, we were on our way to Lowell for the New England Quilt Museum. 
It took two trains and 45 minutes, but it was a lovely step away from the city and out where houses are houses and not multi storey apartments.
When we arrived in Lovell we took the advice of the people in the fabric shop and caught a cab. The cab driver was the first cab driver who actually engaged in conversation and took us through Lovell, telling us briefly along the way the history of the cotton mills in the area which were extensive. The tall brick buildings are still there and some have been converted into apartments. Some of the streets still have the original bluestone pavers, are very uneven and totally charming. The shops are lovely and original and the whole area is just picturesque.
The New England Quilt Museum was just fantastic. All the quilts which were on display, both in the special cheddar exhibition and the gallery displays were beautifully displayed. and I will have enough photos to make an album on its own. I was in awe of the precision minuscule hand quilting on all the quilts. Something to aim for and I can't believe these quilts were worked in poor light and without all the modern trappings we have now. I guess some of them were worked in the evening under candle light after daily chores too. 
We returned with only limited purchases, I'm hanging out for a visit to the shop again.
Tonight .......... The Red Socks Ball game can't wait!!! 

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