Sunday, 18 August 2013

Las Vegas

Hot, hot and hotter! Today is our first full day in Vegas and the weather is extremely hot. We had purchased tickets for the hop on and hop off bus so we set off at 10am and went on a tour of the sights of the strip and surrounds and saw how totally huge everything is here. As soon as one building is finished and is declared the biggest, it seems someone builds another, bigger and better although with the more challenging economic recent times the construction seems to have been somewhat quiet lately with a number of sites waiting for better times. 
We stopped off at the Premium outlet complex to purchase some shorts and a t shirt for Ian as jeans are way too hot for here and he now feels much happier.
Tomorrow is our big day here with a six am start for our Grand Canyon Helicopter tour which will be fantastic. As the weather forecast is for hot again we will no doubt be pleased to return here in the early afternoon.
It seems that we are in the minority here as we haven't spent any money on gambling yet, which puts us in the 5 % of visitors. Some facts we gleaned on our tour included the reason why the carpets are so awful (allegedly) in the casinos is so you look up from the floor all the time and then look at the gambling tables and slot machines!  There are no clocks so you can be assured of losing track of the time. The same reasoning applies for windows - can't see how late it is! Also something we hadn't noticed until it was pointed out - the exit signs are very small, guess if you can't find your way out you stay and spend! 
We met a lady in the elevator today who was returning to the poker table after going to her room to refresh after playing all night! Maybe she is spending our share!

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