Friday, 30 August 2013


Lucky I did a blog for the first part of yesterday because last night was a whole blog on its own. We have been watching the baseball at home for some time and had decided we would like to see some live sport on this trip whether it was hockey, football, basketball or baseball. Because of the seasons, baseball was it and where better than Boston? So we had been practicing being Red Sox fans in readiness for what we thought would be really fun.
Ian booked tickets at home, picking out what we thought looked pretty good tickets for what we wanted to spend so we were all prepared. We walked quite a way to the subway and being cool about subways now got on the train to Fenway Park. When we arrived at the station it was really easy to find Fenway Park. Just follow the sea of Red Sox fans!
We arrived at the ground before 5pm, although the game didn't start until 7.10pm. We found the location of our gate D and stood watching the street performers until Ian realised we had purchased priority seating which entitled us to go in early! 
After we found our seats which were really great and gave us great views of "Our" team's dugout and close by home plate, we had to have a real American hotdog and it was good! The game was underway at 7.10 after a very moving opening with the National Anthem sung by a Stage 4 cancer survivor. We have noticed everywhere we have gone patriotism is very important and given enormous respect. This month the Red Sox are concentrating their fundraising events around the cancer charity they support and everyone is very supportive. In fact philanthropy  is very evident both large and small here and even right back to the Statue of Liberty which was was a gift from France, all installation costs were met by the public.
Anyway, back to the game. It was the most fantastic sporting event we have ever been to and we we able to follow what was happening and had a full view of the game. And the Red Socks won which was even better, 4 - 3 after we scored a home run in the bottom of the 8th innings. Then a big push to the subway with thousands of others for a squashy return trip. By the time we got back to the hotel we were stuffed!
In face we had such a great time we may well go again before we leave!

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