Monday, 19 August 2013

Day Two Grand Canyon

Today was a very exciting day which started with us leaving the hotel at 6am in a stretch limo for the helicopter station at the airport. At 7am after briefing us on the days activities we left for the Grand Canyon via Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam both of which were incredible. The flight in was amazing as we watched the change in the country. There is no doubt in our minds that a helicopter is the way to see the Grand Canyon and we seemed to hover in the air for periods of time but we were really on the move constantly. 
The country appears parched, desolate and yet there is all this evidence of water running through, truly incredible. The Hoover Dam is enormous and spectacular in its construction and was constructed in one continuous concrete pour 24 hours a day for almost 18 months.
After the trip out we went right down onto the canyon for a trip along the river which enabled us to see it from a different perspective. Back into the chopper for a ride back to the top and opportunity to get up close to the rim at a couple of spots. Quite scary as they have no fencing at all, unlike Aust. where everything has to be fenced these days. Very big on everyone's rights here, and they probably have a right to fall if they choose. We looked over a number of interesting examples of American Indians housing, and had a magnificent lunch right at the edge with the most enormous crows watching on. The last bit was the trip back to Vegas and a run right down the strip for a birds eye view of all of the major casino/hotels. All in all a wonderful day at one of the marvels of the world.
Here is where I should present a photo --- wish I could but still can't seem to get a photo from my photo stream on the I pad to go on to the page in a decent size. Any help much appreciated .... Please? In the meantime I will put one on Facebook. Suffice to say Flat Norah is having a great time and now has a Certificate to prove she has been to the Grand Canyon.

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