Monday, 26 August 2013

New York 2nd day

We only had half a day on Friday after our train from Washington but it was great to have the opportunity to see Phantom so early in our visit.
On the first morning we were off with our New York bus tickets to explore. The Empire State Building was our first stop and the views were spectacular all the way around the tower. It is amazing to think that way back in the 1930's this building went up in 13 months. We were told that to build a building like this at that time the expectation was the loss of one life for each floor but the whole building of 102 storeys plus only saw the loss of 5 lives. One worker opened the lift door and looked to see how far away the lift was and found out.
In order to minimise the time workers wasted going down for breaks, a cafeteria was erected every 20 floors, smart move, the workers were happy and the construction went very quickly. The steel for each floor had to be delivered immediately it was required as there was no where on the site to have materials stored. The building finished 6 inches shorter than expected due to the weight of the building.
Then it was off to see my one and only wish (well for New York at least), a visit to the City Quilter store where Flat Norah had her photo taken. sadly it was not what I had expected and Ian is somewhat relieved. I'm still going to look everywhere we go, I've been seriously constrained for a year at home in anticipation of quilt heaven, so we will continue!
Back on the bus and some more successful retailing at the Century 21 store. 
We next visited St. Marks Church which became one of the very important places the first responders and construction workers went to during the 9/11 disaster. It is an amazing place and was certainly a very important focal point for a long time and became a refuge for the workers to rest and when you look at the pews many show the scars of the workers resting fully clothed and exhausted, still with the equipment belts on which marked the wood. Then on to the 9/11 temporary museum and the 9/11 memorial which is an amazing and very emotional tribute to that event which has changed America for ever. It is so real to see the wall in the museum with photos and details of family members missing and then confirmed as lost at the memorial and to know that it happened not long after our previous visit to New York. We have often talked of the "random acts of kindness" we experienced. on the subway last time and of the generosity of the gentleman who gave us free tickets to Annie Get Your Gun and wondered if they worked in the towers. A trip back on the bus, dinner and that was the day done.

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