Sunday, 26 June 2011

On to Broome

After we left Karratha we drove on to Point Samson for the night which turned out to be the place we should have stayed instead of Karratha as it was lovely. We were right by the ocean in a new caravan park and really felt as though we had left the industry of Karratha a world behind. On the road out we stopped and took a photo of the hard hats which one enterprising joker put on top of an anthill which of course led to another and another and now they line this part of the highway for 50 metres or so. Wonder what excuse these fellas give when they arrive on the job without their essential hard hats!

We could see the huge ships out in the ocean waiting to load or leaving as the case may be with their huge loads of iron ore and they are truly immense.

We left Point Samson and drove on to our first relatively short nights stop at a camp called De Greys River. From the road as you turn off it appears to be relatively small although well spread out but once you are off the road it goes on a long way along the river with last night probably hosting upwards of thirty travellers in an assortment of vehicles from the now familiar station wagons of the young tourists who often arrive after dark and leave at first light, to vans of a wide and varied assortment and range of sophistication.

For a moment we were unsure of whether we were going to make it into the stop as Ian indicated some way back to the vehicle behind us our intention to turn right off the highway. The vehicle must have interpreted our indicator as the go ahead to pass us despite the double lines and pulled out to pass us just as we turned right off the road. Fortunately they sped off as we would have been unable to avoid them and would be telling a different story today!

 We spent a very pleasant night beside our fire, at first listening to the demise of Essendon (Kate, you should never have bet on that one, Ian is waiting for his half dozen coldies as arranged!).  When the ABC commentator read an SMS message from an Essendon supporter who told his wife as he handed her the remote control , ”You can watch anything you like!” we too decided to retreat to the inside of the van and watch a Pink Panther DVD which proved to be a lot more entertaining especially for Suey!

We set off around 9am the next morning for our last camp spot on the road before Broome which was Stanley Rest area. It was not quite as good as the previous night but still more than adequate as a spot to set up for the trip into Broome on Sunday where we will spend four nights at Cable Beach.

When we stopped at a roadhouse for fuel we saw this on the back of a Winnebago Camper “A Wheelie Good Suitcase”! Very clever and probably more suitable for publication than the really amusing stuff we read on the back of the Wicked Vans!

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