Saturday, 11 June 2011


We are getting a little nervous about getting into parks as we are being told by a number of people heading south of passing 100 or more vans heading in the same direction as us. Our theory of not booking is looking a little shaky to say the least, but at least we are well set up if we can’t find a suitable park and if last night is any indication, we’re better off not in a park.

However we were into town at 9am and so lucky to find a great park for two nights overlooking to ocean and within handy reach of the attractions we are keen to look at.

Having set up we had a quick lunch and went to Ocean Park Aquarium at Shark Bay which was fantastic. We took a guided tour through all the aquariums and the large lagoon containing the sharks. Suey was just thinking it is nearly warm enough to dip into the sea but thanks to our guide Ed, the shower is looking a better option for getting wet. Its scarey how many nasties there are out in the ocean just in front of us!

We’ve learnt the difference between poison and venom (either way, it’s not nice!) and that applying hot water as hot as you can stand is the best remedy for both! Ahh sweet comfort … not!

We met Bob the loggerhead turtle who turned up on the Albany beach, way too far south and way too cold. He has come to the aquarium to recover and fatten up before being released again.
We also saw a stone fish and hope that is as close as we get to one. One really nasty fish! It was a really interesting place to visit and we’re looking forward to Monkey Mia tomorrow.

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