Saturday, 11 June 2011

Whalebone Bay

Further along the coast towards Denham, Monkey Mia etc. there are a number of camps listed in our Camps 6 book and highly recommended by “Stumpy” (this could be ugly!) which we decided to investigate anyway. All four sites were lovely and we decided on Whalebone Bay for our nightly stop.

At this point we differed from Stumpy in that we rang up for a permit to camp which incidentally cost nothing but we were informed entitled us to one free night’s camping and that’s all. Stumpy stayed for a number of nights and was happy not to be checked up on. Why didn’t that surprise us!

We went for a walk along the beach which was very stoney and not to be undertaken in bare feet. Now you get to hear tell the tale, as revenge for Ian’s lack of sympathy when Suey fell into the water at Cape LeGrande of how Ian was balancing on a rock in the shallows. Sue was just telling him to be careful and if he fell in there would be as much sympathy for him as he showed on that occasion when as luck would have it, in he went and emerged looking very sad with a soaked sneaker. As he only has one pair it was quite a problem for him!

Well, this was a popular place and soon we were joined by a number of other campers but by that stage we were well settled only twenty-five metres from the ocean and in front row position for the best darn sunset you could ever see.

We sat outside the van with our wine and Thai curry and enjoyed the show. What a night. Everyone had told us the sunsets here were magnificent and they are. We even broke out the mozzie coil and stayed outside for a long while as it didn’t get cold at all.

On to Denham after a picture perfect night.

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