Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Geraldton – HMAS Sydney Memorial

This is a must see for anyone visiting Geraldton and is a most impressive and sobering memorial to the 645 men who perished aboard the HMAS Sydney in November 1941, just off the coast of Shark Bay whilst engaging the German Raider Kormoran. The memorial precinct is located at Mt. Scott overlooking the same ocean where HMAS Sydney fought its last battle. Every one of the men has their name engraved at this memorial on a black marble semi circle as you enter.

Just a few steps away stands a bronze figure of a woman looking out to sea, grieving for her loved one lost at sea. She is called The Waiting Woman.

The dome comprises 645 seagulls which represents one for each life lost and also is significant because at the original dedication of the site the sky was filled with swirling gulls who seemed to be there to share the solemnity of the occasion.

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