Saturday, 11 June 2011


Off to Kalbarri which had been our intended stop for the previous night, but never mind, better late than never. We arrived at a park where we could have one night as the site was booked for the next night. Allan and Karen had told us we would get the best water here as from here on water is a scarce commodity. Thanks to their advice we had purchased some containers in Geraldton and were prepared to load up a little more.

We drove into our appointed site only to find Allan and Karen parked opposite!  So that was probably our reward for leaving Geraldton somewhat dazed!  We had already enjoyed a couple of nights with them in Geraldton and shared a meal and a number of drinks so it was great to see them at Kalbarri. We decided to have drinks with them only to be invited to dinner of Allan’s freshly caught whiting and homemade chips using their deep fryer, which I only mention because it had the most unique way of draining the oil. Details of which I am prepared to discuss in private, but not really suitable for the blog.

Suffice to say after a magnificent dinner, a couple of wines, discovering a mutual admiration of Bundaberg Rum Liqueur which we happened to have on board and it being Karen’s birthday on Friday  we had a very pleasant evening.

We’re on to different places now but no doubt we’ll meet up with them again as it just seems to be the way!

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