Friday, 20 August 2010

Still at Camooweal

Yes, well we were moving on on Tuesday but that didn’t happen. We decided another sunrise and sunset couldn’t hurt so we settled down for another beautiful day and were not disappointed at all as the weather was even better. We were treated to the cattle staying only 25metres away from us grazing and having the occasional argument. Each day there was something different to see and enjoy.
As we travel we have kept in touch with the important stuff through the ABC radio as TV is sometimes not available. Warwick gave us a guide issued by the ABC with all the local stations throughout Australia listed and it has been a godsend. On Tuesday afternoon the local announcer and his producer were discussing how caravan travellers tend to slow down the traffic flow in the mornings when they are travelling to work. Why a van would want to be on the road at that time beats us, we’re just having a leisurely cup of tea to start the day but there you are. He (the announcer) was asking for comments from listeners about vanners so I couldn’t resist and actually got on straight away and was able to put forward our desire to see the country slowly but also not have a trail of traffic behind so we pull over or advise by the CB that we will move over as soon as practicable. I also couldn’t resist telling him of our misfortune in having a car and boat overtake us whilst we had done the right thing and breaking our window! So there I have had my say on Queensland radio as Sue from Shepparton! Warwick was proud (or at least said he was when he actually stopped laughing), perhaps now when we get home he will ring me for a weather report, a bone of contention we have! ** Suey was so good it is no wonder that she ended up with a son-in-law who is in radio. **
We celebrated my radio debut by toasting marshmallows by the open fire. Very satisfying! As a postscript, when we did leave Camooweal reluctantly on Wednesday we were travelling along enjoying the ride when a semi-trailer drew up behind us. Ian got on the CB and said we would be able to give him space to pass soon. He replied no worries and went past us soon after. I noticed the address on his cabin door was Shepparton so Ian told him we were from Shepparton too. He replied and asked if we were on the ABC yesterday as he had been telling his mates about us! See I’m famous! We had a chat and wished him well for his journey and continued on our way thinking not for the first time that out here is it a very small world!
We stopped at 41 Mile Bore which was a rest area 117km west of Barkly Homestead on the Barkly Highway and had a very pleasant evening sitting under the stars as the weather was still 28 degrees at 8 o’clock.

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