Monday, 9 August 2010

Leichardt Lagoon

After one further night on the road we arrived at Leichardt Lagoon which is 20k from Normanton and just a beautiful place to go. The camp is only seasonal and part of a large property. In the middle of the campground is a lagoon which is the home of hundreds of birds and lilies. It is just so peaceful and we are camped right beside the lagoon, sitting outside the van watching the birds go about their daily business. We had originally booked in for two nights but can’t resist a third as it is so lovely and as we have resolved our battery issues we can now camp without power again for a number of nights. There is no water to the van but showers are provided if we run low in the van so we’re set.
The homestead is nearby and tonight we are going there for tea. The owner puts on a regular three course meal for visitors for ……………….. THREE DOLLARS a head! We think we can splurge for that! We have to take everything including chairs, cutlery and drinks but they supply all the food. I’m sure it will be fantastic and there will be about 60 people there so I’m sure it will be a great night.
We drove to Kuranda to see what there was to see and decided you would be in heaven if you were a fisherman but as Ian is not inclined despite having a rod on board we bought prawns and barra wings instead. It’s not too bad a life really – temperature at 12 o’clock a comfortable 30degrees. Hope you’re all having fun too!

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