Saturday, 7 August 2010

Heading South

After a fantastic time in and around Cooktown, it is time to start the long journey back south, having been as far north as possible with the van. On the way down we stopped and took the attached photo of some of the beautiful landscape that we travelled through.
We stopped that night at the Rocky Creek War Memorial site, just north of Atherton on the tablelands above Cairns. This was the site of a 3000 bed hospital during WW2 and used for many wounded and ill soldiers from New Guinea, and other Pacific locations. At the site today is a very impressive memorial to many of the units which operated, or trained, in that general area, and I suspect that Ian’s dads unit might be one of them. It has inspired him to find out much more about his dad’s war service when we return home.
The photo is of one of the units which he may have served in. As well as the memorial is a large area set aside as a free camping site for up to three nights – lovely place and very well maintained.
From here it is on towards Normanton, in far north west Queensland.

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