Friday, 13 August 2010

Photos from Mary Kathleen and on to Mt. Isa

At last after many tries I have finally uploaded the Mary Kathleen images, so will take the opportunity to update our last couple of days.
We proceeded from from Mary Kathleen to Mount Isa for the necessary repairs. We now have a new Anderson plug, (the thing that connects the car to the van for charging power which fell off and broke a few days ago). A new chair for Ian 'cos his fell apart and ..... a new window! Hooray, now when we check to see if the car is locked at night there is some point to it.
We've moved on to a World War 2 Airstrip 50 km NW of Mt. Isa as we slowly proceed to Alice Springs. We've booked in there for next weekend for the Henley on Todd which should be great fun.

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Anonymous said...

Broken chair hey dad??? Anything to do with the size of your rear end???