Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Leichardt Lagoon to Cloncurry

We reluctantly left Leichardt Lagoon after calling in to Normanton to fill up with water and empty the toilet. Sorry for that detail but figure you might like to know that we do still have domestic chores even on holiday. Before someone asks as I expect they will, the “drop off” site and”pick up” sites are in different locations!
While Ian was filling up with water which is very rare to find a council offering a fill site, good on Normanton for sharing their scarce resources with us, I sat on the ground and sent the last three blogs. By the way can you believe some idiot was using the water to wash his car, water is as scarce as hen’s teeth and he wanted to wash yesterday’s dust off ready to accept today’s on his wet car!
There was a very neat picnic area but as it had a tin roof I couldn’t get good enough internet speed and would have been there a week as the queue grew for the water tap. Sending blogs takes me to a myriad of locations from sitting on the side of the road at night to today!
The country as we travelled today changed and we are noticing the first wattle we have seen so far, also a lot of heaths in many shades of green and grey. We have also seen patches of kapok trees with their bright yellow flowers which will form into nuts becoming kapok as they burst. We stopped a way out and managed to find one Ian could reach and took a photo beside our “patented applied for broken window cover” which works very well thank you. On a previous trip we had been told of the importance of Kapok trees to the indigenous people in discerning the change of seasons and we have noticed the change in them as we travel on.
Our stop tonight is a free camp at Terry Smith Lookout. Terry was the mailman out of Cloncurry servicing the Gulf properties for 41 years. Not a bad innings Terry, bet he knew some secrets from out here.

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