Thursday, 26 August 2010

Alice Springs to Port Augusta

We left Alice on Tuesday morning after taking a couple of photos of the Sturt Desert Pea which are just magnificent. As we travelled along we were met with cavalcade of vehicles travelling up to the reunion at the Transport Hall of Fame which is this weekend. We were told in no uncertain terms that we couldn’t extend our stay in Alice as everything was book and by the volume of vehicles coming in there will be ‘no room in the inn!’
The weather had turned most inclement with rain and strong winds so we were a little apprehensive as to what was before us but having booked our flights for next week over Lake Eyre we were excited to be on our way. We stopped at Stuarts Well for coffee- home of the great Dinky the singing dingo and were fortunate to catch one of his performances which we really enjoyed, just as much as the first time we visited two years ago. He is still in fine form although a little grey around the mouth now!
We stopped for the night just over the border at Agnes Creek and set off the next morning aiming for around Coober Pedy. After crossing into South Australia we were listening to the CB Radio and there was talk of quarantine inspectors on the road and how people were being penalised. At this time we realised the fruit and veg we had on board could prove to very expensive indeed.
When stopped at Marla Roadhouse we were admiring all the vehicles pausing on their journey to Alice for the reunion when I decided this was as good a place as any to get rid of the fruit and veg and managed to give it to some travellers who were going on to Alice. Whilst I was doing this Ian took a snap of one of the vehicles. By the time we had seen scores of trucks and vehicles passing by we were very envious and can only imagine how much fun and tall stories will be told over the weekend.
We stopped in Port Augusta, after staying further on past Coober Pedy at Bon Bon Rest Area, where we are able to refuel, fill up the water tanks and recharge the battery.

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