Sunday, 4 July 2010

Last Day in Yeppoon

Just a short entry tonight to let everyone know that we are on the road tomorrow after our long stay here. We’ve finished our visit with the market today, breakfast at Maggy’s Café and then fish and chips on the beach with our hosts David and Elaine who we are very sad to leave. We have invited them to visit us but the strange thing is that very few Queenslanders think much of visiting Victoria and won’t entertain the thought unless its summer. Somehow after our visit here in their winter it’s really no surprise!
The van is pretty much packed, and all is in readiness for a quick connection to the car in the morning and off.
Ian took this lovely sunset photo to illustrate how beautiful it is here. We’ll be sending our next blog from Townsville in a week so we’ll have lots of news then.

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