Thursday, 29 July 2010

Bramston Beach

After we left Townsville we travelled up towards Bramston Beach passing through Tully and stopping overnight in Babinda. The reason I mention these two towns is that there is a bit of controversy between these two as to who has the highest rainfall in Australia. Well, it seemed that for our visit they planned to put the sceptics to rest and have it out once and for all! After a night in the free camp in Babinda we travelled down to Bramston Beach which is one of our all time favourite beach spots where we usually camp only 30 metres from the ocean with the most spectacular views and beautiful sands which we love to walk along ……. If it ever stops raining that is !!!
True to form we had our beach front and it rained the whole five days sometimes harder than others but enough to soak everything. We tried to stay hoping for a return to the fantastic weather of Townsville but when we heard the weather forecast for another week of the same we gave in.
The one bright spark during our stay was the trip into Cairns for the Tanks Market which is a really great adaptation of the original water supply tanks for Cairns which are now adapted into a fantastic art space and also encompass the Botanical gardens which are magnificent in their tropical splendour. We’ve put a photo on today of one of the flowers and also one from Bramston Beach and you can add the sunshine yourself! We also managed a visit to the Mungali Dairy for lunch and to purchase some of the organic yoghurts and milks which are without doubt the best ever.
We will return however another year and just hope the feud is settled before we arrive!
We also lost the use of our van battery which meant we were dependant on the generator, as the water is available (litres and litres of it!) but not the power. So all in all it was time to move on and into Cairns first for the fitting of a new battery, again draining the childrens’ inheritance–although Kate says this expenditure comes from Peter’s inheritance for reasons unclear and Pete says Kate is pregnant and not capable of making financial decisions. It’s wonderful to hear how well our children get along with each other!
Anyway, we’re happy with our new battery and found a great park in Mount Carbine for the night and will travel to Cooktown on Thursday, which looks really interesting.

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