Monday, 28 June 2010

Last Week at Yeppoon

We spent a lovely three hours listening to Jazz at The Coffee Club in Yeppoon – this time we were more warmly dressed because believe it or not sometimes we have to put on a jacket in the afternoons! We have had two great sessions of jazz now and will miss our leisurely Sunday afternoons there.
This week is our last at Yeppoon, and today we booked to go on to Smalleys Beach which is in Cape Hillsborough National Park 12km East of Seaforth, only 10 or 15kms from Mackay. We have stayed at Seaforth twice before and Smalleys Beach was suggested to us by one of the campers here at Yeppoon. It certainly looks lovely so we will report after our stay. When we move on next Monday, we will not have any power or water there so we’ll have to be organised again just as we are when we free camp. We also will only have very poor reception for phones and internet so there will probably not be a post until we reach Townsville after three nights in Smalleys Beach.
Our weather here continues to be lovely although there has been quite a lot of fog in the mornings which clears about 10am after our beach walk and thereafter is lovely and sunny. Ian has now read four books and Sue has finished the embroidery for one nursery quilt and is half way through the blocks for a Christmas embroidery quilt as well finishing a block of the month Christmas quilt so we have been well rested and now we’re eager to see some new things.
Thanks again for your helpful suggestions, we’ll keep them all in mind!

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